Ultraken (ultraken) wrote,

What I Did Today

While working on my on-again-off-again Battlezone 2 v1.3 side project, I received something interesting via e-mail: the full source code to Battlezone v1.4.  I only had v1.3.1 available before, so this was a nice upgrade.  I spent most of today getting it to compile and run using Visual C++ 8.0 SP1, as the compiler has changed tremendously since version 5.0 that we used back in 1997 and 1998.  There were a few gnarly bugs in there, to the degree that I'm surprised that BZ1 ran as well as it did.  I guess the old compiler was a lot more tolerant or something.  In any case, it looks the same as I remember it, and still plays well after all these years.  The software renderer looks surprisingly good at 640x480 in 256 colors.  Careful palette choice counts for a lot...
Tags: battlezone
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