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As the changes necessary to get Battlezone 1 to compile with Visual C++ 8.0 SP1 started to pile up, working without a revision control system started to feel like driving without a seatbelt.  I downloaded and installed TortoiseSVN to rectify this situation, created a repository on my network-attached storage, and imported the pristine v1.4 code base into it.  After several attempts, I got it organized the way I wanted.  I was surprised how easy it was to do:
  1. create a repository folder on the network share
  2. right-click in in the folder and select TortoiseSVN | Create Repository Here...
  3. organize the project into trunk, branches, and tags
  4. right-click on the project folder and select TortoiseSVN | Import...
  5. enter the repository URL
  6. wait for the source tree to import
  7. rename the project folder to move it out of the way
  8. right-click in the projects folder and select TortoiseSVN | Checkout...
  9. enter the repository URL and project path
  10. wait (and wait, and wait, and wait...) for the source tree to checkout
The next step is to copy the source changes back onto the project and update the repository, but step 10 seems to be progressing at a glacial pace.  It doesn't seem to be due to disk access, as the lights on the NAS don't light up very often.  Fortunately, I only need to do this once.

From what I can tell, Subversion is fairly slick.  It uses a general-purpose binary-diff algorithm for everything, minimizing repository size and eliminating the need to distinguish between text and binary files.
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