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Ultraken's Irrelevant Rambles

Don't you have something better to do?

1980s, 2d gaming, 80's music, 808 state, aerospace, amiga, animal-head people, animated cartoons, animation, anthropomorphism, ars technica, art deco, astronomy, astrophysics, aviation, babylon 5, bach, bangai-o, battlestar galactica, battlezone, battlezone 2, blogs, calvin & hobbes, cartoons, christianity, classic arcade games, classic gaming, classic video games, classical music, coffee, comics, computer games, computers, conservatism, daft punk, devo, discovery channel, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, drudge report, edward gorey, electronic music, fantasy, farscape, firearms, flight, food, fox news, game design, game development, gaming, good eats, guns, gunstar heroes, history channel, illustration, information society, instapundit, jack kirby, jackie chan, james lileks, jean-michel jarre, jesus, kraftwerk, krazy kat, ladytron, legos, libertarianism, ljmaps, lua, mame, masamune shirow, matt howarth, mecha, mike mignola, military, monster garage, mozart, mst3k, mythbusters, nanotechnology, nvidia, old video games, php, pixar, programming, queen, reading, reboot, retrogaming, rhapsody of fire, robots, rockets, role playing games, role-playing games, rpgs, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science-fiction, shmups, silhouette mirage, space, spacecraft, star trek, star wars, stargate, stargate sg-1, techno, technology, terry pratchett, the art of noise, the orb, the shamen, therianthropy, they might be giants, thomas dolby, tim burton, transformation, tron, vast right-wing conspiracy, video game music, video games, walt kelly, walter carlos, webcomics, weird al yankovic, wendy carlos, werecreatures, weres, werewolves, windsor mckay, winsor mccay, wolves, writing, yerf